3D Modeling

Second Life® is a powerful tool for expressing immersive architectural and engineering designs. Imagine allowing prospective investors to tour a project that hasn't been built yet, or inviting long-distance customers to visit your stores, facilities, or theme park from the comfort of their home. It's not just possible, it's rapidly becoming an essential business tool.

Virtual Marketing

Aimee regularly works with the established virtual media in Second Life® and is uniquely qualified to maximize your project's in-world exposure. Services include advertisement creation and publishing as well as event planning and hosting.

Project Management

If you don't have the time or experience to plan a large scale project inside of Second Life®, project management services are available to carry your mission from cradle to grave.

Clothing and Fashion

Aimee's original claim to fame is *PREEN*, her wildly popular line of virtual clothing which has earned her recognition in Women's Wear Daily and other news outlets.

Video Production

The limitless flexibility of the Fastreel platform makes it ideal for creating beautiful movies on a shoe-lace budget.

Texture Work

Aimee Weber offers years of proven artistic experience to ensure your 3D build comes to life with a dazzling array of colors, lighting, and shadows. Depending on your needs texture work can be hand-drawn, sourced from photographs, or rendered using powerful 3D rendering tools.