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Going Pro in SL - New World Notes
Aimee lists special considerations when transitioning one's Second Life from hobby to career. Includes interview with Robin Harper.
Let's have a Party - Slog
Aimee defines the political parties starting to emerge in Second Life.
The Professor And The Butterfly - New World Notes
Aimee details her experience working with the Exploratorium Museum on the Solar Eclipse Simulcast project.
Her Worlds, Her Imagination - New World Notes
Aimee describes the creation of her Machinima tour of the Solar System.
Virtually In Love - Second Life Herald
Aimee takes a humorous look at online dating.
A Call for Physicists - Slog
Aimee proposes a quantitative approach to understanding Second Life Physics.
Stairway to the Nest - Slog
Aimee discusses the importance of including real world context in a chaotic virtual world.
To Criticize a Critic - Slog
A fun look at those who can dish it out but can't take it.