Aimee's Epiphanies

These two heart warming tales describe how Aimee bridged the generation gap between herself and her grandmother using Second Life. She goes on to describe the funny experience one can have seeing familiar real-life locations rendered virtual, and familiar virtual locations in real-life.

Part 1 - A Second Life Christmas Epiphany
Part 2 - A Second Life Summer Epiphany

Past Articles

Second Life Insider delivers a semi-daily dose of Aimee's blogging!

Going Pro in SL - New World Notes
Aimee lists special considerations when transitioning one's Second Life from hobby to career. Includes interview with Robin Harper.

Let's have a Party - Slog
Aimee defines the political parties starting to emerge in Second Life.

The Professor And The Butterfly - New World Notes
Aimee details her experience working with the Exploratorium Museum on the Solar Eclipse Simulcast project.

Her Worlds, Her Imagination - New World Notes
Aimee describes the creation of her Machinima tour of the Solar System.

Virtually In Love - Second Life Herald
Aimee takes a humorous look at online dating.

A Call for Physicists - Slog
Aimee proposes a quantitative approach to understanding Second Life Physics.

Stairway to the Nest - Slog
Aimee discusses the importance of including real world context in a chaotic virtual world.