Scott Adam's Virtual Book Tour

Aimee Weber Studio brought famed Dilbert creator, Scott Adams into Second Life for the virtual book tour for Stick to Drawing Comics, Monkey Brain! Festivities included a question & answer session, a free poster giveaway, and highly abusive interactions with Scott Adams including the ability to kick him in the family jewels (don't look at Aimee! That's what Scott wanted!!)

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Aimee Weber Studio Creates Peugeot Concept Car

Peugeot enthusiasts now have a chance to feel the exhilaration of a virtual ride in the 308 RC Z concept car, just in time for the Frankfurt Motor Show. The Second Life based car created by Aimee Weber Studio is part of Peugeot virtual promotion campaign along with SL Dimension (who created the Peugeot sim complete with a thrill-a-minute race track.)The car itself is accurately modeled after the real-life 308 RC Z and textured to dazzle, right down to the sculpted bucket seats. Realistic engine sounds and gear shifting create a fun interactive experience for drivers.Related Links:
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PR Newswire

PR Newswire specializes in press release distribution services for small business marketing, corporate public relations and investor relations, government and other organizations. They hired Aimee Weber Studio to help them bring their press release services into Second Life by way of public kiosks.The technology allows users to submit press releases for real world or Second Life events which can be read via distributed kiosks. The kiosks themselves are a playful, tongue-in-cheek treatment of the otherwise serious PR world featuring a dressing room and a bathroom.

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Wiley Books - Virtual Bookstore

Wiley Books, a leading publisher for the scientific, technical, and medical communities worldwide, looked to Aimee Weber Studio to create their Second Life presence to promote the Second Life Official Guide. The building is reminiscent of modern day book stores along with a mezzanine study area, coffee shop, and book kiosks.

Incidentally, Aimee Weber has since completed as lead author another project with Wiley Books, Creating Your World: The Official Guide to Advanced Content Creation for Second Life published by Wiley Books and due out in stores by October 2007.

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Save the Children - Yak Shack

Milk a yak for the children. No, seriously!

Save the Children with the help of Aimee Weber Studio started a fun new project in Second Life affectionately called The Yak Shack! This may seem completely random but in reality, yaks can be a lifesaver for children in Tibet. They provide nutritious milk, wool for knitting and are also used for ploughing.For L$1000 (100% goes to Save the Children,) you get a virtual yak of your very own who will provide for all of your needs in Second Life. You can ride them with the breakneck speed and acceleration you would naturally expect from a yak. You can knit a new sweater from the yak's wool. If you're lonely you can talk to the yak, but they mostly like to talk about themselves (they are very yak-centric.) If you go AFK while on top of your yak, she may get bored and wander off with you on top of her (that's what you get for neglecting your yak!) And of course, you can milk your yak. Yeah I had to read that last bit a second time too.

A contest was held for the best customized Yak, resulting in some very creative entries!

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NBC Universal - Tree Lighting Ceremony

In November 2006 NBC Universal marked their arrival in Second Life with their virtual simulcast of the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony in Rockefeller CenterAimee Weber Studio was hired as project lead for the collaborative effort with Bedazzle Studio (who created much of the exterior buildings,) Moopf (who provided scripted ice skates) and Electric Sheep (who provided streaming services.)

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Ohio University - Stocker Building

To make way for the Ohio University Outreach Campus, Aimee Weber Studio created this gorgeous rendition of Ohio's Stocker building and extension. The build itself covers about half of a sim and features classrooms, science labs, lounges, balconies, and many other useful spaces. Our version of the Stocker Building was meticulous modeled after floor plans and photos of the real life building with slight modifications to ensure the space was comfortable in virtual form.The building is now home to a number of educational games, conferences, and projects as students and faculty make ongoing use of the space.

You Tube Tour

The Avastar

Europe's biggest entertainment portal Bild T-Online hired Aimee Weber Studio to create the breath-taking Second Life presence for their virtual tabloid, The Avastar. This full sim build features five enormous futuristic "bio-spheres" which house offices, conference halls, fashion runways, lounges, gift shops, and much more. Spiral stair cases carry residents up around the inside of the glass-top sphere to different balconies given beautiful internal scenic vistas. When you reach the top you can enjoy a fine bottle of Vin De Papillon.

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National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

The Second Life entrance of the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Earth System Research Laboratory (ESRL) has brought all the fun and excitement you've naturally come to expect of fluid dynamics! In case you haven't been on the any submarine rides lately, NOAA is the governmental agency tasked with researching the oceans, climate, weather, and anything else having to do with gigantic masses of air and water.NOAA's sim is called Meteroa,which is derived from the Greek adjective meteoras which means 'suspended in the air'. On this lovely island sim you can find fully interactive educational demonstrations about the ocean and weather including a sea life submarine ride and a tsunami. Other fun stuff includes a demonstration of a real-time temperature map, narration by Exploratorium Chief Scientist Paul Doherty, an airplane ride into a hurricane, and a melting glacier.

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United Nations Stand Up Against Poverty - Sugarcult Concert

The United Nations Millennium Campaign to Stand Up Against Poverty with the help of Aimee Weber Studio kicked off a virtual simulcast of rock band Sugarcult! The members of Sugarcult were kind enough to play in support of the Stand Up cause, and addressed Second Life residents in a short interview before the show. The show itself was full of energy, light and color with speakers that rocked to outstanding music like unbalanced washing machines. Some folks enjoyed the show from the amphitheater seating, while others danced in the mosh pit just in front of the stage.

Residents obtained their Stand Up wrist band in kiosks around the grid including at the center of Midnight City. To be counted in the Guinness Book of Records, people clicked the wristband and held the pose for one full minute. For more information about the Millennium Campaign, go here.

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Second Life 2006 Relay For Life

Aimee Weber served as Project Manager for the American Cancer Society's virtual Relay For Life event in July of 2006. Aimee's design featured a 12 sim "walk around the world" theme that immersed visitors in different cultures and nations of the world. To create the largest centrally planned project in the history of Second Life, Aimee managed a 26 person team and had to overcome major obstacles with cost and time limitations.

"Aimee Weber had a critical role in the planning of the Relay design, leading about two dozen volunteer designers to develop what has become, according to Robin Harper [Linden Lab Vice President], the absolute largest build in the history of Second Life. I asked Aimee to help me...specifically because I knew that what I was asking her to do was much more than I could expect out of just anyone. She, with her team, EXCEEDED those expectations by constructing nothing short of a masterpiece." -Jade Lily, Second Life Relay For Life Event Chairman

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American Apparel

Aimee Weber built the American Apparel store in Second Life, a union between real and virtual worlds that sent shock waves throughout the industry. This widely celebrated build has been featured in many news sources including Forbes, CNET News, and The Boston Globe's The build itself was revolutionary in that the beautiful texture work was sensitive to the position of the virtual sun. By day, the textures reflected the bright daylight while, by night, they displayed spotlights and the glow of interior lighting. Aimee was also responsible for stocking the virtual store with American Apparel fashions, which visitors could purchase in-world, or with a single click visit the real-world item on the American Apparel website.In its coverage, offered this advice to real world companies looking to break into the virtual world...
"First step? Hire popular Second Life architect Aimee Weber to design the store."

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Regina Spektor Audio Kiosk

Aimee demonstrates dazzling 3D modeling and rendered texture work for Regina Spektor's audio kiosk, a Warner Brothers project. With the help of MOU's Green Fate, the interior was programmed to change mood lighting with certain songs from Regina's album. This required a separate set of renders for each "mood" and each prim had to be scripted to know when it was time to change.

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The New Globe Theater

This enormous work in progress gives visitors a feel for what the proposed New Globe Theater will be like when it is constructed in Castle Williams on Governors Island, NYC. Created in early 2006, this building is still used as the headquarters for SL Development company, Millions Of Us.

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Midnight City

Midnight City was originally founded by Mistress Midnight in the Umber sim in 2004. The present island form of Midnight City is owned and constructed by Aimee Weber and has gained a tremendous amount of recognition by the press and Second Life residents alike. This gritty urban build includes a central plaza, an uptown section for shopping, a pretty brownstone section, a slum, and a dance club. It is currently the home of many events and activities including the Trin and Nala's Radio Radio show, a Vampire role playing game, and the occasional rousing game of soccer.

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The Double Slit Experiment

"I know I can safely say than nobody understands quantum mechanics."

-Richard Feynman

This educational machinima short has not yet been released, but already the beautifully rendered set has earned acclaim and is considered one of the finest examples of texture baking in Second Life.

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Exploratorium Museum Solar Eclipse Simulcast

On this project, Aimee worked closely with the Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco to create a virtual event for the March 29th, 2006 solar eclipse in Side Turkey. The build included an educational eclipse museum and a beautiful replica of the Roman theater in Turkey where famed science celeb Paul Doherty hosted the event. Interactive learning exhibits educated visitors about how solar eclipses work and how the rotation of the earth combined with the orbit of the moon to create the resultant eclipse path across the surface of our planet.

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Learning 2005

Aimee helped the Learning Consortium create an attractive campus to hold educational exhibits for their Learning 2005 expo held in Orlando Florida. The build included the landscape of an entire sim complete with cobblestone path, an event stadium, a gift shop, and an educational exhibit about the solar system.

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