United Nations Stand Up Against Poverty - Sugarcult Concert

The United Nations Millennium Campaign to Stand Up Against Poverty with the help of Aimee Weber Studio kicked off a virtual simulcast of rock band Sugarcult! The members of Sugarcult were kind enough to play in support of the Stand Up cause, and addressed Second Life residents in a short interview before the show. The show itself was full of energy, light and color with speakers that rocked to outstanding music like unbalanced washing machines. Some folks enjoyed the show from the amphitheater seating, while others danced in the mosh pit just in front of the stage.

Residents obtained their Stand Up wrist band in kiosks around the grid including at the center of Midnight City. To be counted in the Guinness Book of Records, people clicked the wristband and held the pose for one full minute. For more information about the Millennium Campaign, go here.

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