National Oceanic & Atmospheric Association

The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Association engages Aimee for her amazing realism resulting in this work in progress!
The United Nations Stand Up Against Poverty

The United Nations kicks off its Stand Up campaign for the Millennium Development Goals with Sugarcult's live outdoor concert streamed in real time into Second Life
Second Life Relay for Life

American Cancer Society's Relay for Life
American Apparel

American Apparel's arrival in the virtual world built by Aimee
Regina Spektor Audio Kiosk

Dazzling 3D modeling and rendered texturework for Regina Spektor's audio kiosk, a Warner Brothers project.
The New Globe Theater

This enormous work in progress gives visitors a feel for what the proposed New Globe Theater will be like when it is constructed in Castle Williams on Governors Island, NYC.
Midnight City

A gorgeous urban build and shopping center poised on the edge of Midnight. Featured in The New York Times, Wired Magazine, and Newsweek.
The Double Slit Experiment

This educational machinima short has not yet been released, but already the beautifully rendered set has earned acclaim and is considered one of the finest examples of texture baking in Second Life.
Exploratorium Solar Eclipse Simulcast

A simulcast of the March 29th 2006 solar eclipse in Side, Turkey covered by the Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco, Ca. The build included an educational eclipse museum and a replica of the Roman theater in Side Turkey.
Learning 2005

Aimee worked with the Learning Consortium to create a lovely campus as part of their Learning 2005 expo.

The in-world headquarters for the new fashion upstart Stylehive. This beautiful project finished with a wild fashion show starring Splendora CEO, Gina Pell.
Aimee's Tour of the Solar System

Aimee takes you on an educational tour of our Solar System. This movie was made entirely within the Second Life platform and has been credited as the first use of machinima for education.

A wildly popular clothing line with a raver/club-kid theme. Preen has been featured in Women's Wear Daily, Fortune Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, and other press outlets.
Advertising and Promotion

A look at Aimee's experience in marketing and advertising in the virtual world.