Second Life Relay For Life

Aimee Weber served as Project Manager for the American Cancer Society's virtual Relay For Life event in July of 2006. Aimee's design featured a 12 sim "walk around the world" theme that immersed visitors in different cultures and nations of the world. To create the largest centrally planned project in the history of Second Life, Aimee managed a 26 person team and had to overcome major obstacles with cost and time limitations.

"Aimee Weber had a critical role in the planning of the Relay design, leading about two dozen volunteer designers to develop what has become, according to Robin Harper [Linden Lab Vice President], the absolute largest build in the history of Second Life. I asked Aimee to help me...specifically because I knew that what I was asking her to do was much more than I could expect out of just anyone. She, with her team, EXCEEDED those expectations by constructing nothing short of a masterpiece." -Jade Lily, Second Life Relay For Life Event Chairman

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