Aimee Weber on the cover of Art News Magazine

Check out the latest issue of Art News Magazine feature our favorite butterfly on the cover!

Aimee Pics on exhibit at the Federal Reserve Bank in Boston

Torley Linden reports the Video Game exhibit in the Federal Reserve Bank in Boston. Among other things is a wall size collage of photos from Second Life including three very large central images of Aimee Weber, Aimee Weber's flagship sim: Midnight City, and Aimee Weber! If you are in the area, check it out!

Aimee Weber as Real Life Art

Through 2006 and 2007, Eva and Franco Mattes (who are also known as 0100101110101101.ORG) created portraits of avatars, i.e. the customizable personas that people inhabit in online virtual worlds.Aimee Weber was among the avatars chosen to be printed on canvas to appear in Real Life galleries in Manhattan.

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[email protected]

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