Aimee Weber

Aimee Weber began her virtual career five years ago in Bryce 3D and has been on a virtual crusade ever since. She has been recognized as one of the best in Second Life for architecture, texturing, fashion design, project management, and virtual marketing.

She also loves Nip/Tuck, wine, and books about physics.
Alpha Fluffball (Business Services)

Alpha grew up as a pup in New York City and graduated from Columbia University's engineering program with a BS and MS in mechanical engineering, and an MS in technology management. He has created several successful startup companies, including a computer consulting and systems integration firm where he assists multi-million dollar companies on computing issues and business analysis and development.

Alpha is also a private pilot with a penchant for Mooneys.
Catherine Omega (Technical Services)

To say that Catherine Omega wrote the book on Second Life programming would not be an exaggeration. She co-founded and now edits the LSL Wiki, which has grown to become SL's premiere scripting documentation site. She has created scripts for countless applications, powering interactive content within SL, data mining, and communications to and from the outside internet.

An avid cyclist, Catherine's interests also include writing in both traditional and interactive media, listening to urban folk music and science fiction.
Toxius Stephanopolis (Avatar Specialist)

Toxius (Tox for short) single handedly dragged the monsters out from under our beds and brought them into Avatar form. His research into what avatars are capable of doing is second to none, from tiny toy soldiers to enormous city-busting robots.

Kiari LeFay (Animation Specialist)

Kiari is a very animated person and it shows in her work. She has animated avatars to dance, simulate medical procedures, and even perform Shakespeare! She is fast, efficient, and has an uncanny eye for detail.