Aimee Weber

Aimee Weber Graduated from Columbia University in 2005. She's recognized as one of the best in Second Life for architecture, texturing, fashion design, project management, and virtual marketing.She also loves Lost, cooking, and books about physics.

Aki Shichiroji

Aki is a recent graduate of Alberta College of Art and Design's Visual Communications program, with a specialization in Illustration. She joined Second Life in mid 2006 and has been working for AWS since May of 2007. She specializes in building, texturing and 3D modelling for avatars, clothing, architecture and wildlife, and has some experience in web development as well.Aki enjoys film, music, and comics, and has a special penchant for illustration, sequential storytelling and character design.

Mistress Midnight

Mistress Midnight is a self taught vitual designer specializing in SecondLife since May 2003 and has been working with AWS sing 2006. She specializes in clothing, avatars, architecture, and beautiful texture work. Mistress is also studying to be a web designer is hoping to attend the Rhode Island School of Design.Mistress is a self proclaimed mac junkie who enjoys dancing, reading and has a PHD in badassery along with a minor in sarcasm.

Adam Tokyoska

Adam has an AAS in Computer & Information Science, with a focus on web design and programming. He's been working for Aimee Weber Studio for over two years and has excelled as a team leader.On his off time Adam enjoys video gaming and a wide variety of music ranging from black metal, indie rock, electronic, and 80s.

Alpha Fluffball

Alpha grew up as a pup in New York City and graduated from Columbia University's engineering program with a BS and MS in mechanical engineering and an MS in technology management. He has created several successful startup companies, including a computer consulting and systems integration firm where he assists multi-million dollar companies on computing issues and business analysis and development.

Alpha is also a private pilot with a penchant for Mooneys.

Brian Rutherford

Brian comes to Aimee Weber Studio with a diverse background including a masters degree in computer science and years of experience leading software engineering projects. He also has an aesthetic eye and a keen wit.In Brian's former life he was a flight instructor who provided primary, instrument, multi-engine, glider and aerobatics training in Southern New Hampshire.